We Want YOU to Join the Krewe!

That’s right! You’ve been thinking about joining the Krewe – you enjoy the parade – you think “It sure looks like those folks are having fun!” Well, we are having fun, doing a world of good for our fabulous Navarre. Its not hard to join – you just need to have someone in the Krewe sponsor you. We LOVE doing that!

Did you know that in addition to our Navarre Beach Mardi Gras parade, we participate in other parades on the Emerald Coast, and have a lot of fun doing it? You can see us in the Fiesta Five Flags in Pensacola, in Billy Bowlegs in Fort Walton, in Christmas parades, and in other Mardi Gras parades. Make no mistake – it’s hard work to put on a parade – but we love doing it – because WE LOVE YOU NAVARRE!

If you want to join the Krewe, it’s easy! Email us at contact@nkoj.org, or message our page on Facebook, and we will be happy to have a Krewe member contact you about joining.

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